Comprehensive Analytics, Inc.

Comprehensive Analytics, Inc. was established in March of 2005 as a result of the insurance industry’s reluctance to properly educate with regard to insurance products, their style functionality, and the process needed to provide unbiased, fully disclosed information so that the consumer can make the best informed choice.

* Illustrations and proposals omit vital cost and contract information

* Non-Disclosure: Too often, the discussion regarding life insurance is focused on “product”, without presenting an understanding of all associated elements of the risk that may be inherent in that “product's” design

* We found that 87% of in-force policies that we have analyzed were problematic

Impact Issues of the Existing Insurance Industry Universe:

  1. Misleading illustrations;
  2. Fiduciary Malfeasance;
  3. Product failures;
  4. Company instability and downgrades;
  5. Unmanageable risk;
  6. Unsupportable concepts;
  7. Dynamic strategies that overshadow poor products;
  8. Lack of time-line integration with objectives;
  9. Lack of policy monitoring;
  10. Lack of transparency;

*Our "Life 180" process is built on the Best Practice Standards for Life Insurance Stewards introduced at a West Point Academy Leadership conference in 2013.

* Our Life Analyzer is a proprietary software system that can reverse engineer and "scrub" policy illustrations, allowing for a transparent analysis of cost and capital efficiencies.

*Our proposals are educational, unbiased, transparent, and supported with documentation

Thank you for your consideration......

Joseph W. Maczuga