Life Analyzer © Reports

More About the Life Analyzer ©

Comprehensive Analytics, Inc. now offers the complete Life Analyzer © Report - which will analyze, reconstruct and present UL, IUL and VUL policies as they should be - with full disclosure and true functionality.

For VUL policies, our unique breakthrough methodology calculates the true Cost of Insurance and will then allow you to select an index or portfolio for Historical Back Testing. You can take any three timeframes (i.e. 10, 18, 20, 30 years and so on) from any period starting as far back as 1926.

The Life Analyzer © then locks in the true COI’s of the policy and applies the selected market cycles forward, to bring greater clarity of assumed growth and the impact on policy performance. The comparison between the “illustrated” values, adjusted for actual COI’s, and the performance of the three time periods selected will be charted out for review.

The copyrighted calculations through “Reverse Engineering” provide a true “peek” into that proverbial “Black Box” to reconstruct a substantive scenario. The fiduciary process that is now mandated in our new venue of responsibility is to substantiate any recommendation with documentation.


  • Every advisor knows (or should know) that the illustration calculates the assumed rate-of-return (ROR) on a basic compounding of a static percentile. For example, if the illustration assumes a Net ROR of 8.95%, the internal calculations of the software compounds the cash value as you would with a compound interest rate chart.
  • * Every advisor admits that this is inaccurate, since the market does not perform that way.

  • Illustrations require a “worst scenario” calculation based on a Zero (-0- ) market performance (with maximum contract charges) as a “static flat” scenario.
  • * Every advisor admits that this is inaccurate, since the market does not perform that way. In reality, the “worst scenario” is when a market has experienced negative periods.


  1. The VUL is sold as a concept, supported by an illustration.
  2. The Illustration is a “Point-of-Sales” tool.
  3. The client has to sign-off on the illustration and all of the (often brushed aside) caveats.
  4. These illustrations are actively used for comparison purposes or to quasi-analyze different policies.

In regard to the ”illustration”, we have all either sold “it”, recommended “it”, analyzed “it”, made money on “it”, had “forums” and discussions on “it” or written about “it”. Consumers ask us for “it”. And up until now, we were compromised by “it”.

Now the advisor can develop and present a VUL, UL, and IUL in the way “it” SHOULD function and perform in the Real World!!!

This system can be used for VUL, UL, IUL, Single and Survivorship Life.

For more information on the Life Analyzer ©, please contact Joseph W. Maczuga direct at (586) 745-7037.