Life Analyzer ©

Life Analyzer's© breakthrough methodology calculates the true Cost of Insurance (COI) for Universal Life (UL), Indexed Universal Life (IUL), and Variable Universal Life (VUL) policies/illustrations. The projected assumptions of COI's represent the major component of policy risk; market return on cash value represents the secondary component of risk. Illustrations and policy statements do not fully disclose these projected assumptions. In fact, there is so much vital information omitted, FINRA prohibits broker dealer representatives from using VUL illustrations for comparison or analysis.

While the "fiduciary" issue is swirling around us, can an advisor be challenged when a policy doesn't perform, because as an advisor, we knew the data illustrated was misleading and inaccurate? Will the numerous vague caveats in a proposal provide a strong defense?

The advisor has to know how to design the premium, which requires knowledge of projected costs. With the Life Analyzer© Report, the advisor can develop and present the proposal in the way "it" may function and perform in the real world - or - the advisor can see why a proposal is doomed to fail due to a low probability of policy continuance because future COI's are not sustainable as illustrated.

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