Membership Information

As a member of our organization, Comprehensive Analytics, Inc. becomes your outsourcing partner through the environment of LIFE 180°® to work with you and your firm. This relationship provides assistance to you whenever there is a need for plan or policy analysis, advanced planning strategies, case development and more.

Core Benefits of Membership

Concept consultation is a membership benefit to assist with the reorientation process, so that the new member can get an understanding of the dynamics involved to transition into this new universe of Risk Management Mapping which includes the environment of fiduciary insurance design and planning. Also included in this consultation, is our Benchmarking system for determining the basis of fees that can be developed on each individual case.

“Members Only” section which provides proprietary planning concepts, fee guidance, member only discounts, templates, and more.

Invaluable Input and Guidance. On many occasions, members call the Network because they require some understanding on a particular concept, a strategy, a case, a scenario, or they desire to have some discussion on an issue that a client is facing. This ‘consultation and coaching’ benefit is often not “Project” related. However, it is informative and/or educational regarding the various issues in which an advisor is looking for unbiased and client-centered input. The opportunity for our members to call Mr. Maczuga directly for this input and guidance is invaluable.

Building relationship with our members is the core benefit of membership with the Fee Advisors Network.

Membership Levels

We have designed our membership levels to accommodate a broad range of professionals; from the individual advisor to the larger advisory firm.

Level 1 - "Charter" Membership


Level 2 - "Firm Level" Membership

(Charter Member Benefits for up to 3 Advisors)

Level 3 - "Bronze Firm" Level Membership

(Charter Member Benefits for Unlimited Advisors with Revenue Sharing Options)

Join Now:

We encourage you to call (586) 745-7037 or Request to Schedule a Conference Call for discussion as to which of the three levels of membership would best fit your practice model and goals.