Consulting Services - Outsourcing

We are a resource for the consumer who desires unbiased policy and/or proposal analysis. We are also a primary outsource colleague for financial planners and advisors who seek life insurance analysis and advanced risk management planning expertise and counsel.

As an outsource provider, our services cover a wide span of activity, ranging from policy selection and analysis to complex advanced insurance planning strategies. Our consulting services are specialized to provide commentary and recommendations to best fit the defined objectives and meet the clients "best interest" needs.

We also assist, on a project basis, other professionals such as CPA's, attorneys and trustees who desire unbiased, fiduciary based, insurance planning analysis for their clients.

Call us for a free initial consultation, and let us help you with your client’s risk management issues.

Expert Witness

Joseph Maczuga is a trusted advisor in life insurance analysis and design. He also serves as an expert witness in matters related to insurance litigation. Life insurance sales and replacement practices have come under great scrutiny. A significant number of questionable and even irresponsible practices have led to litigation. In the annuity genre of products, some uses of Equity Index / Fixed Index Annuities have led to substantial legal conflicts. More recently, improper care and administration of Qualified Pension Plans has required the forensic analytical skills of an expert. As a Subject Matter Expert in these areas, Mr. Maczuga’s skills are frequently called upon to assist in complaint preparation and justice proceedings.

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Mr. Joseph W. Maczuga is a nationally recognized Subject Matter Expert in fee-based insurance application, fiduciary protocol and advanced comprehensive planning techniques. As a Certified Fee Insurance Specialist (CFIS) and Licensed Insurance Counselor (LIC), he has been privileged to be a keynote speaker and/or presenter for the following organizations/events:

  • FPA National
  • FPA Chapters
  • FPA Virtual Learning Center
  • Broker Dealer Conferences
  • NAPFA Regional Conferences
  • Wealth Management Firms
  • Various Company/Organization Webinars for Presentation and/or Training

The array of topics that fall under his expertise include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Life Insurance Planning in the New Paradigm
  2. A Fiduciary Approach to Risk Management (Life Insurance)
  3. Cultural Shift in Financial Planning
  4. Fiduciary Standards in Life Insurance
  5. Critical Thinking for Risk Management

Mr. Joseph Maczuga is available upon request, to bring a value-added service to your upcoming meeting/conference.

Speaking or Presentation fee, travel and accommodations, are to be paid by the requesting organization and/or firm.

If you are interested in receiving a quote for the speaker/presenter fee, or in booking Mr. Joseph Maczuga for your conference/meeting itinerary, please feel free to Contact Us or call (586) 745-7037 for discussion.

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