About Us

What makes Comprehensive Analytics, LLC different?

Comprehensive Analytics is a boutique risk analysis firm that serves the Elite Wealth Management Advisory Professional community. What makes us unique/different is our practice model, philosophy, and universe of functionality in the services that we provide.

(1) Risk Management: Our "Risk Management Ethos©" is a 5-step process which mandates that all analysis and recommendations follow a Stewardship Process integration with Fiduciary protocol, culminating in Best Interest Standards;

(2) We are independent, not affiliated with any Broker Dealer or RIA, allowing us to be free to look at strategies and a multitude of products without the partiality of a B/D that has "preferred" vendor relationships with a select group of carriers;

(3) Our "Asset Risk Assessment©" template provides an algorithm for the advisor and client with a unique overview of all assets in regard to the 3 components of risk assessment; Liquidity, Time-Line, and Market Risk;

(4) The "Life Analyzer©" is a proprietary software system that allows us to Reverse Engineer in-force and proposed illustrations related to Universal Life (UL), Variable Universal Life (VUL), and Indexed Universal Life (IUL), products in order to ascertain the basis being used to project the products COI (cost of insurance) costs. By opening this black box in the vendor's software, we can graph the projected COI's to see how they align with the current CSO Table, and determine the probability as to whether the policy will achieve the illustrated results. The spread between Current Assumptions and Maximum Charges is often close to 300%, and since the carrier can change the COI costs at anytime, the validity of projected COI's is as, or more, important than the ROR (rate of return) that is assumed for policy continuation in regard to risk.

(5) Policy Strategy Statement: If we are requested to implement a policy/strategy, after issue, we send the client and advisor a Policy Strategy Statement. which represents a quick reference overview of the policy data, objectives, and strategy.

(6) Policy Monitoring Statement: If we are requested to implement a policy/strategy, we monitor the policy each anniversary year with respect to the consistency of policy charges and COI costs, as they had been reflected in the initial illustrated proposal.

(7) Practice Model: Our Practice Model is primarily based on Fee-for-Service, which is essential for maintaining an unbiased environment for policy analysis and recommendations. We are appointed with carriers that provide non-commission products (designed for fee-advisors), as well as being licensed with all major carriers should we be requested to implement a product/strategy where a commission is paid by the carrier. We are unbiased as to compensation (fee or commission). Licensing is necessary to maintain this autonomy. as most clients/advisors, after reviewing our analytical reports and recommendations, desire to have us involved with implementation, due to our full disclosure and their confidence in our ability.

Services Provided

In-Force Policy Analysis;
Proposal Analysis;
Policy Related Strategy Analysis;
Risk Management Project (a 30,000 foot view of the client's asset/risk objectives, integrated into the financial planning strategy of the advisor);
Case Consultation;

Note: Over the past 20+ years of policy and proposal analysis for Trust Departments, banks, and wealth management firms, we have found, and been able to substantiate, that 87% of existing or proposed policies were problematic. (i.e. - wrong policy style for the risk to be managed, cost and capital inefficiencies, wrong product for the proposed strategy, proposals that obfuscate both the client and advisor, lack of disclosure, lack of liquidity in relation to the time-line objective, and too large a relationship in term-to-base in whole life that creates future fragility for continuation.)

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