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  • Fee Advisors
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  • Financial and Estate Planners
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If you are such an advisor or firm - WHAT IS IN THIS FOR YOU?

A time effective resource to expand your practice . . .
  • Life Insurance and Annuity Planning that puts your client's interests FIRST
    Through us, our approach differentiates your firm and helps you instill standards of practice as defined by the CFP, NAPFA, FPA, and FPSB
  • Life Insurance and Annuity Planning with high ethical and fiduciary standards
    Through us, your case work will be completed in a comprehensive, proprietary planning environment; we call this environment LIFE 180°
  • Life Insurance and Annuity Planning by Subject Matter Experts
    Through us, your case work will be completed by a team of analysts who are top industry professionals
  • Life Insurance and Annuity Planning for a stronger relationship with your client
    Through us, your case work will be completed with in-depth analysis, premium design strategies, and unbiased recommendations to your client

  • How do you access our services?

    We have designed our membership levels to accomodate a broad range of professionals; from the individual advisor to the larger advisory firm. We encourage you to join our network at one of the four levels of membership that best fits your practice model and goals. Visit our Membership Information Link, or call (248) 250-6830 today.

    Current members refer to the Fee Advisors Network as their 'most trusted resource' in life and annuity planning.

    Joseph W. Maczuga, LIC, CFIS, and Executive Director of the Fee Advisors Network - is a nationally recognized advocate of fiduciary ethics and risk management standards in the life insurance and financial services industries.


    • Testimonials
    • Paul Knott
      “We wish to thank Joe for his presentation to our group of CPAs. He provided our group a very informative presentation from a fiduciary viewpoint concerning the risk management of life insurance. It became quite clear to us that he knows his subject area very well. We learned things about the structure and the mechanics of life insurance that will certainly assist us as we consult our clients. Many of the participants left the presentation with actionable ideas. Thanks again, and we look forward to other future opportunities to learn from his experience.”
      - Paul Knott, Director UNCW Institute for Tax and Investment Planning »»
    • Chris Currin
      “I have relied on Joe Maczuga as a resource for clients with estate and/or business succession planning issues that are more complex than usual. Joe's approach to life insurance planning is, if not unique, very rare. As a fee-only planner, helping clients save thousands of dollars in commissions on a life plan reinforces the value of the advice they pay me for. It would be hard to find anybody more knowledgeable than Joe Maczuga in the field who works this way."
      - Christopher Currin, CFP / Fee-Only Advisory Firm / TX »»