Guide to Outsourcing through FAN

Our deep expertise and rich experience in life insurance planning will help you to put your client's interest first.

Facilitation Services

FAN is able to assist the advisor/member with the facilitation of the application and underwriting process upon the advisor's request. A fee-engagement agreement will be required for the facilitation activity of a no-load product ($300 - Term; $500 - UL or VUL).

Fee-Engagement Activities

We provide in-depth analytical work on policies and policy portfolios, business and advanced planning issues, and creative design strategies for those cases that involve (a) high net worth clients, (b) multiple policy portfolios, and (c) more complex situations.

All of this work is completed in our LIFE 180°® fiduciary environment with a fee engagement agreement.

If the member wants to engage us in this area, there is an Activity Sequence process for the Phase I and Phase II components of the project.

If you are interested in engaging analytical services for case work, please review the following link (for Advisor and Client):

Upon engagement of services, please review the Activity Sequence Checklist (for Advisor):

  • Activity Sequence Checklist
  • This checklist is for Charter and Firm members only. A separate checklist is applicable for Bronze Firm members and is provided in their membership packet.

  • Case Submission Form & Health Summary
  • Print and use these forms whenever you have the need for case/analytical work. For initial and exploratory discussion, complete pages 1-2 only. Upon engagement, complete all 4 pages. (Submit the completed forms to the Network to initiate discussion regarding the scope of the project, which will then determine Mr. Maczuga’s fee.)